Alternative Dispute Resolutions
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Why Choose Mediation Over Litigation?

At Mediated Resolutions, LLC, we are sometimes asked why clients should forego litigation (which has been around forever) and try mediation instead. In short, the answer is that mediation can save you considerable time, money and unnecessary conflict.

Mediation isn’t appropriate or possible in all legal disputes, but it works more often than you might expect. You choose mediation not when you want to hit a home run and bury the other side, but when you want an outcome that is acceptable and puts an end to the dispute for good. In a sense, our goal as mediators is to have everyone leave the process satisfied, without having crushed the other side. That means both parties found a way to meet in the middle, spent less money than if they had gone to trial and finally put the matter behind them.

What Must A Mediator Know?

Steven L. Head, Casey Crumbley and Burton L. Tillman bring many years of experience in a wide array of legal areas to the table. Most importantly, each has a unique ability to engender trust from the parties and can successfully guide the negotiation of any dispute to a successful conclusion. These are the “people skills” aspects of a good mediator and are vital to a positive outcome. The success rate of our mediators is second to none.

The mediator must provide a safe and comfortable environment that encourages litigants and parties to any dispute to make commonsense decisions that will lead to a resolution of the matter that will benefit all. The mediator seeks to have the parties work for a common objective: ending the dispute or the case with a mutually acceptable compromise resolution.

Saving You Money And Giving You More Control

In mediation, people can reach a commonsense resolution of a claim and thereby avoid court costs, excessive attorney’s fees, litigation costs such as depositions of witnesses and medical and other experts, and myriad other expected litigation expenses.

Trials are rough, are tough on the parties and have a very uncertain outcome. Plaintiffs are subject to rigorous cross-examination. Power is given to a judge who may or may not care about or understand your case. Every hour costs more money. Mediation, by its nature, is less unnerving. Final resolution or outcome, even if the mediation fails, is in the hands of the participants.

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